Adonis Puentes Band Live at the CBC’s Toque Sessions

Adonis Puentes Band at CBC Vancouver

I I was in Vancouver last Thursday for a live recording for the CBC! The recording on Thursday evening was part of The CBC Toque Sessions which features intimate concerts with artists ranging from jazz, rock to world music!  From January 12 – March 30, 2012, every week, they have invited audiences to join them at the CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre for a FREE concert.  The CBC offered this unique opportunity for us to share some new material that we’ve been working on since his recent return to Victoria.

CBC Vancouver Studio 1 Soundcheck

The line up of musicians for Thursday’s recording included Adonis Puentes, guitar/vocals; Pablo Cardenas, piano and Toto Berriel; percussion, Nicolas Marquez on congas; Amine Said, electric guitar, Jason Cook, drums and Mark Beaty on bass.

Studio 1 CBC Vancouver

Adonis Puentes Band at CBC Vancouver

Me with Mark Beaty & Adonis Puentes

Adonis Puentes Band at CBC Vancouver

CBC Vancouver

Me with Alex Cuba, Toto Berriel & Adonis Puentes at CBC Vancouver

We had a great time in Vancouver and we are looking forward our band’s upcoming show at Hermann’s Jazz Club on Friday March 23rd!  If you would like to come along, please email for ticket information.  I will let you know when the recording will air on the CBC as soon as it’s confirmed.


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