Pablo Luis Cardenas is a pianist with the ability to play in a multitude of styles each with enthusiasm, skill and finesse. He has a charisma and charm that both intrigues and entertains his audience.
This talented musician from Matanzas, Cuba was destined for a life in music after his hands first touched a piano at the age of five. When Pablo was just seven years old began his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Matanzas and went on to complete his music diploma in classical and jazz. He studied at the Conservatory for seven years before heading to the National School of Music in Havana in 1996 and graduating in 2001. Pablo went on to work as a piano teacher at the Conservatory in Matanzas, teaching music theory along with classical and later jazz and other piano styles to children and young adults. At the same time he has worked as a classical piano accompanist at the Conservatory and was selected to travel to Dominican Republic  to teach a workshops and perform at  the National Conservatory of Music, [directed by the prestigious pianist Ivan Dominguez].
Pablo has performed Classical recitals in the most important theatres of Cuba including the famous Amadeo Roldan Theatre and Federico Garcia Lorca as well as collaborating with many music projects and accomplished musicians including Matanzas sinfonic orquestra, singer Leo Vera and groups like Mambo Club International Jazz band  as well as his own jazz project performing  jazz, fusion, Latin jazz, traditional and contemporary Cuban styles. This young pianist have played at the most famous events and venues in Cuba such as the International Jazz Plaza Festival,International Contemporary Music Festival and clubs including Casa de la Musica, Jazz Club Zorra y el Cuervo and many others. Since arriving in Canada in 2010 he has been teaching and has performed with Gergana Velinova, Adonis Puentes, Maureen Washington, Phil Dyer, Damian Graham, Sara Vardy, Miguelito Valdes and many others accomplished musicians. Pablo also has his own music projects including his Latin Jazz Combo and Project Fusion who recently performed at the Victoria Jazz Festival 2012.
If you are interested in booking Pablo for an upcoming show or would like more information about piano lessons please email pablocardenaspiano@gmail.com or call 250.891.2347.

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