Piano Lessons

Photo by Derek Galon

Pablo Cardenas is an experienced teacher specializing in piano and music theory from beginner to advanced levels.

When Pablo was seven years old he began his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Matanzas, Cuba and went on to complete his high school diploma after seven years. In 1996 he was accepted into the National Conservatory of Music in Havana and graduated in 2001. In the years after graduation he went on to work as a piano teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Matanzas, teaching music theory along with classical and popular piano styles to children and young adults. At the same time he was worked as a classical piano accompanist at the Conservatory and was selected to travel to the National Music Conservatory of the Dominican Republic [directed by the prestigious pianist Ivan Dominguez] to teach a workshop and to perform. Pablo has a unique way of teaching the common thread between all styles of music on the piano and has some great techniques for developing the hands to improve the students ability. He is able to teach a variety of styles including Classical, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Fusion & Improvisation.

Pablo Cardenas has over 10 years of experience teaching piano and music theory for all ages and levels. He teaches many different styles including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Pop, Funk and the fusion of those styles together along with other International folklore including Brazilian and Spanish music. He taught at the Matanzas Conservatory of Music in Cuba for many years before moving to Canada where he has been teaching for 2 and a half years in different schools around Vancouver Island including Parksville Music Center, Larsen School of Music, and the Victoria Conservatory of Music. His teaching style combines methods and elements from North America, European and Cuban schools, depending on the style of music the student wants to learn. During his formative years he also developed a personal way of teaching influenced by his mentors and his personal experience.
Pablo believes that a music lesson should always be a time to enjoy and learn not just music but also about life. There is a balance of elements where the students need to understand the essence of music before beginning to learn the techniques to play. The learning atmosphere should be joyful and exciting, which helps make things happen in a natural way. The more specific methods and objectives will follow depending of the individual level of the student, but the common thread will always be to have a great learning experience for both the teacher and student and a personal growth.

Pablo is available for private lessons and is also a member or the faculty at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Larsen Music School in Victoria.

If you are interested in lessons, please email pablocardenaspiano@gmail.com or call 250.891.2347.


One thought on “Piano Lessons

  1. Hi! Do you give piano lessons by skype? I live in Langley outside of Vancouver, and I really want to learn latin jazz piano. Thanks very much!

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